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It was designed to give the client full access to the AI commodity, including all its potentialities and functionalities.

Expected weekly price chart for a 12-month horizon, 95% and 99% probability bands of containing the price trajectory.
Expected price at the end of the projected year.
Maximum and minimum prices of the expected price path.
It is the Sigma of each projected price period (standard deviation) expressed as a % of the initial price of the commodity.
Consistency data of the projected price bands based on the historical analysis of the past results.
Radar graph where the incidence of each group of context variables for the 1 year horizon price prediction is expressed.

It is the most powerful AI-based analysis tool on the market, where robust complex mathematical algorithms deliver new evaluation tools, until now only existing in the imagination of the best market analysts.

  • Price awareness tools, revealing a graphical radar for each forecast period, where the most relevant context variables for price are displayed.
  • Double-click Radar Charts for each forecast period, allowing you to better understand the relevant price factors.
  • It allows to densify the prediction frequency, going from weekly projections to daily predictions. Forecast horizon up to 3 years (depends on the product).
  • Back logs price history.
  • Back logs price bands.
  • Incorporates analysis of data captured by the client to improve prediction.
  • Allows price sensitivity analysis with respect to any group of context variables.
  • Allows you to generate IF scenarios.
  • Specific customer requirements that can be addressed from the AI.