Annual price projection with a weekly frequency based on more than 500 context variables related to the commodity, which seek to simulate the industry as close to reality, in order to model price behavior more completely.

Expected weekly price chart for a 12-month horizon, 95% and 99% probability bands of containing the price trajectory.
Expected price at the end of the projected year.
Maximum and minimum prices of the expected price path.
It is the Sigma of each projected price period (standard deviation) expressed as a % of the initial price of the commodity.

For example, in the case of “Coffee” within the variables are: the weekly rainfall of the coffee producing area of Brazil, the Dong/USD exchange rate, the re-export of coffee from Italy, the interest rate of the FED, total Colombian exports, cocoa prices.

Due to the robustness of the predictive process, Pro View allows for more consistent and accurate results, with tighter Sigmas.