Atacama Invest Commodity Fund

¡Use the best algorithms in the market!

  • Invest in a commodities portfolio through the FIP Commodity I Private Investment Fund:

Standard & Poor’s Goldman Sachs Commodity Index.

  • Instrument: Atacama Commodity I Private Investment Fund.
  • Administrator: Atacama Invest (AAM S.A., Asset Manager)
  • Size: Up to 20 mmUSD (twenty million USD).
  • Term: 3 years + 1 year renewal.
  • Minimum investment size: 20,000 USD.
  • Co-investment – Currency: USD.
  • Expected annual return USD +25%

  • Weekly Liquidity

From month 6 of the start of operation of the FIP and month 3 of the investment.

  • Investment strategy

Weekly balancing of purchase/sale of commodity futures contracts.

  • Underlying

Cotton, sugar, coffee, rubber, copper, livestock, iron, milk, wood, corn, gold, silver, platinum, soybeans, wheat, others.

  • Administration Commission

Fixed: 2% + annual VAT of the investment.
Success: 20% + VAT on PGSCI + 5% annually.


Traditional investment

  • 10 Data, series of couple of years.
  • Use past information.
  • Analysts: partial analysis with bias.
  • Signal/action time: weeks.


FIP Commodity I Investment

  • +500 data per Commodity, series of dozens of years.
  • Use information in real time, online.
  • Decisions with the best technological tools available (Artificial intelligence, data science, financial modeling, algorithmic portfolio balancing), without bias.
  • By /

Advantages of FIP Commodity I

Factors that contribute to improving profitability and reducing risk:

  • Wide range of Commodities to invest in: more to choose from.
  • Balance portfolio with the most profitable/least risky investments.
  • Automatic contingency risk containment: stop loss.


High liquidity:

  • Weekly.
  • Deep market, there is always a price.
  • Transactions: Cu USD 4,000 mm/day, Soybeans USD 10,000 mm/day vs IPSA USD 60 mm/day.


Robustness and simplicity of the Commodity

  • Physical assets, without hidden risks, stable, with lower volatility.
  • Simple to understand, without debt.
  • Numerically modelable industry.

Support that give peace of mind

Atacama Invest Experience

  • More than 15 FIPs managed.
  • AUM: USD 250 mm in executed investments.
  • Partners with more than 20 years operating.

 Investor-focused design

  • You should know what your savings are: weekly reports.
  • You must understand the Bottom Line: simpler is better.
  • High liquidity: weekly. “Known” sources of risks.
  • Offer lower volatility than the market.


  • Robustness in the analysis system.
  • Consistency in the generation of investment decisions.


The fund referred to in this presentation (the “Fund”) is managed by AAM S.A. Asset Administrator (“AAM”). Find out about the essential characteristics of investing in this fund, which are contained in its internal regulations.

The information provided in this presentation is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a public offer to buy or sell securities. The information contained in this document is based on sources we believe to be reliable, and accurate at the time of publication, but AAM does not guarantee its accuracy or completeness. The profitability obtained in the past does not guarantee future profitability. Any investment in the Fund should be made only after carefully reading the offering documents and obtaining independent financial, tax and legal advice. Interested parties must verify that they are not subject to legal restrictions in relation to investment in securities and that they meet the eligibility requirements established by the corresponding regulator in Chile.

The values of the fund quotas are variable and AAM is not responsible for any type of loss, damage or harm, monetary or of any other type, that any person may suffer as a result of decisions made based on the information contained in this presentation. . In such virtue, any investment and/or decision that is adopted will be considered based on the own review, validation and opinion of the person making the decision.

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