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World class team to move on!

Rodrigo Strobl

Serial entrepreneur, Civil Engineer PUC. Installed the first radiata pine phenolic plywood mill in Chile (Maderera Antilhue, 1993), generating the current industrial export drive, with sales over US$ 1 billion/year from US$ 0. In copper mining industry developed the first ESCO 24/7 with renewable energy, also a Zero Landfill heat process project. Member & consultant at International Institute os Forecasters.

«The creator»

Álvaro Acevedo

Industrial Civil Engineer PUC with more than 28 years of experience with achievements in the creation and management of corporate companies related to Innovation and Energy. Experience in Environment industry. Great team builder.

«The mind»

Andrés Valdivieso

Surgeon (U.Andes) · MBA (ESE) Master of Engineering (UDD)

GSP 15 Singularity University


ASECH Entrepreneur (2014) and ESE “Innovation Management” Award (2015). 

Implementation and development of several projects in health and technology for 2 billion US. 

Expert in innovation and digital transformation.

«The storm»

Ermilo Vázquez

Engineer from Tecnológico de Monterrey with a Master’s degree in Kellog Executive Education. Vast corporate experience, with a focus on sales of technological products, organizational development and team management.

«The experience»

Pablo Zegers

Industrial Civil Engineer PUC. Doctor of Philosophy (University of Arizona).

Professor (2002 to 2017) and Interim Dean (2010) of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences of the Universidad de los Andes, IEEE Senior Member. 

More than 50 scientific publications. 

«The genius»