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The Problem
Extraordinary analyst teams have incomplete and out of date information to make correct and consistent decisions.
The Solution

AI Priax Views represent better the reality of the commodities providing updated, hard, clear, and relevant information at simple graphic format.

Who we work for

Specialist managers, analysts, and commodity traders, who are always in risk with price fluctuations.

Our Focus

Apply artificial intelligence of multiple variables to have a more accurate representation of the industry context, achieving 100% quantitative information, at glance, zero human bias, on time and updated and personalized.

Our Goal

Provide accurate, consistent, robust commodity price prediction tools that enables faster analysis, time savings, and better decisions.

Well Supported
Priax Fund, National Prize for Chilean Innovation Avonni, Semilla Corfo Programrfo, Anastasia won the National Prize for Chilean Innovation Avonni, Semilla Corfo Program.

We have One Mission:

To be the Best in Commodities for the Best